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Rebuilt transfer case

Rebuilt ZF Transfer Case

At Global Transfer Case Supply we stock new and rebuilt ZF transfer case, replacement parts and rebuild kits, all models are available. Contact us for assistance 877-776-4600.

ZF transfer case

ZF transfer cases are characterized by:
▪ Compact and weight-optimized design
▪ High input speeds
▪ Integrated oil pump (optional), for external cooling
▪ Operation of up to two emergency steering pumps
▪ Two shaft distances available
(VG 1600 / VG 2000)
▪ Compatible with ADM 2
(Automatic Drive-Train Management)
▪ Optional: Engageable PTO (2 000 Nm)

For assistance identifying the individual parts for your transfer case, view or download transfer case diagrams, manuals and parts lists visit our manuals page.

Rebuilt ZF Transfer Case Models and Parts:

VG 750
VG 1200
VG 1600/300
VG 1600/396

DR 1610
VG 2700
VG 2000/300
VG 2000/396

ZF Transfer Case
SpecificationsVG 750 2 speedVG 1600 2 speedVG 2000 2 speedVG 2700 2 speed
Input Torque Max. (Nm)10,00018,00025,00035,000
Input Speed Max. (rpm)3,5002,8002,8002,800
Gear Ratio 1st gear/2nd gear1./2..89/1.54.89/1.54.91/1.41
Shaft Distance (mm)270300 or 396300 or 396400
Weight253.5 lbs (115 kg)369.3 lbs (290 kg)727.5 lbs (330 kg)992 lbs (150 kg)
ZF VG 750 Transfer Case

ZF VG 750 Transfer Case

ZF VG 1600 Transfer Case

ZF VG 1600 Transfer Case

ZF VG 2000 Transfer Case

ZF VG 2000 Transfer Case

ZF VG 2700 Transfer Case

ZF VG 2700 Transfer Case

Any rebuilt transfer case models in stock ready to ship worldwide today. One call to us and we can provide international shipping with same day service available.

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