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We stock Rebuilt Spicer transfer case models, as well as replacement parts for all rebuild kits, overhaul kits and more. We stock all rebuilt transfer case models, rebuilt Spicer transfer casethey are ready to ship worldwide today. One call to us and we can provide international shipping the same day service, call 877-776-4600.

Spicer Transfer Cases are adaptable to meet mid-ship mount and stationary applications in addition to direct mount to a variety of Spicer transmissions which provides an integral assembly for more efficient vehicle use. On sand, ice, snow, mud or severe grades, there is nothing like all-wheel drive to take you through really tough terrain. With our transfer case, you can take your big trucks to where the work is, simply by pulling a lever and engaging the front wheel drive.

Spicer Transfer Cases should be standard equipment on most “all-purpose” vehicles such as lumber fleets, snow plow vehicles and oil field hauling because it delivers maximum power in all transmission speeds. Spicer Transfer Cases can be coupled directly to a Spicer auxiliary transmission.

Rebuilt Spicer Transfer Case Models:

  • Dana Model 28

  • Dana / Spicer 18

  • Dana / Spicer 20

  • Dana Model 300

  • Spicer Model 18

  • Spicer Model 20

  • Spicer Model 21

  • Spicer Model 24

  • Spicer Model 28

Transfer Case Applications:

  • Transit Mixer

  • Logging Trucks
  • Military Vehicles

  • Dump & Block Trucks

  • Fire Trucks

  • Oil & Water Drilling Rigs

  • Agriculture & Mining Trucks

For assistance identifying the individual parts for your transfer case, view or download transfer case diagrams, manuals and parts lists visit our manuals page.

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